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American Horror Story: Asylum - "Madness Ends" Review

In American Horror Story: Asylum’s season ender, we find out what happens to Jude, Kit and Lana as Bloody Face 2.0 plots his revenge

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Lana finally sees a chance to turn her life around while Monsignor Timothy, disappointingly, returns to his old ways.

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In the midseason finale, Dylan McDermott returns as a disturbed man who seeks help while Monsignor Timothy tries to save a dastardly soul.

American Horror Story: Asylum - "Unholy Night" Review

Deadwood’s Ian McShane guest starred this week as Mary Eunice tried to combat Jude with Satan’s true minion…SANTA!

American Horror Story: Asylum - "Dark Cousin" Review

A notable Season 1 player drops by this week as a mysterious visitor, ready to help Briarcliff’s patients escape their torment.

American Horror Story: Asylum - "The Origins of Monstrosity" Review

Monsignor Timothy makes a gruesome discovery while a mother asks Jude to care for her disturbed daughter.

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