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Justified: Season 4 is a Mystery

EP Graham Yost explains how the decision was made to not have a “big bad” this year and to have Raylan tackle a cold case.

Justified: "Hole in the Wall" Review

In the Season 4 premiere, Raylan tries to make a bit of extra cash but then, you know, a bear costume, some tits, a blood-soaked satchel and some snake-handling happens.

I talked to Justified's Timothy Olyphant and creator Graham Yost about Season 3 villains and crossover characters...

"The caliber of actors I get to work with on the show day in and day out is a pleasure," Olyphant shared. "I just think the world of all of them. They mean a great deal to me. It’s just a cool cast. On and off screen. I was so looking forward to meeting Mykelti. We’ve only had one scene together and I feel deprived because it was so great working with him…"

Just interviewed Timothy Olyphant…

…thought you should know that he sits exactly like he does in the Justified Season 3 poster.